13 Facts About GenZ Women You Never Knew

13 Facts About GenZ Women You Never Knew

By Serena Norr

As the most educated, diverse, and digitally connected generations, GenZ is using their voice to evoke change in big ways — like the upcoming election. And with nearly 24 million eligible GenZ voters heading to the polls for the first time, there’s definitely going to be some exciting results around their turnout.

With youth activists like Greta Thunberg as a role model, GenZ has been involved in politics from an unusually young age and — like Jody Bell — who are launching ventures to tackle issues from immigration to diversity and equal opportunity. They are taking action with issues like Black Lives Matter, climate change, policy issues, diversity, equity and dealing with life during COVID.

And while their voices are powerful, GenZ women are still underrepresented in many fields, lack confidence, and have issues with mental health, to name a few concerns.

So, what should parents and business leaders really know about this generation — from their mindset to their future expectations in the workplace? Read on for some key findings:

  1. 65% of GenZ’ers want to make a difference to a cause, according to What’s on The Mind’s of GenZ? This is encouraging especially as they are taking action with both personal and political causes.
  2. About 57% of Gen Z will be voting for the economy over their personal values in this election
  3. 41% of GenZ plans on becoming an entrepreneur.
  4. While 30% of girls 8–13 experience a drop in confidence, 85% of GenZ women (13–18) reported an increase in confidence after taking the Girls With Impact Academy.
  5. While GenZ women comprise just 22% of participants in college venture competitions, women are founders of 51% of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed winning teams, according to The Entrepreneurship Talent Gap report.
  6. 73% say that being politically/socially active is integral to their personal identity, although only 4% say becoming a politician is how they want to have an impact.
  7. While 36% of GenZ men expect to become a leader, just 28% of women do.
  8. But GenZ women view their prospects of running their own company much higher — with 43% saying they expect to become an entrepreneur.
  9. In the workplace, women ask for 30% less than men in salary negotiations — a partial reason women have far lower savings than men.
  10. Men apply for a job or promotion when they meet 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100%, according to What’s on The Mind’s of GenZ.
  11. 79% of GenZ women lack confidence to seek a mentor but nearly half (45%) say weight loss would most boost their confidence.
  12. GenZ ranks health insurance is their #1 benefit, followed by retirement/savings, tuition assistance and flexible working hours.
  13. Only 28% of GenZ women are in STEM-related fields with Black women, Latinas, and other women racially underrepresented. GenZ women comprise fewer than 1 in 20 employed scientists and engineers.

Girls With Impact graduate Neha Shukla, 15, featured in The New York Times, combined her interest in STEM with entrepreneurship to become a CEO in 10 weeks.

Serena Norr is a mother of three and Marketing Director at Girls With Impact. She has written for Parents, Huffington Post, Unilever, Cottages & Gardens, NY Family, and more.

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